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Donating an educational kit as the gift of education is the gift that lasts a lifetime.

How does it feel not having a roof over the head? It is hard for us to even imagine, but think about those for whom living on the streets is a reality. We know their life is stressful and full of challenges. We cannot solve the problem of homelessness overnight but we can definitely support early education for the homeless children in our society. Education is a continuous and life changing process and we at Ruprani Foundation feel that no children should be deprived of their right to education. We need your support in providing Educational Kit for Children in need.

This kit would comprise of the following items –

·         A school bag

·         Note Books

·         stationary items

·         Water Bottle

·         Lunch Box

We do get a lot of support for children around children’s day. We feel every day is a children’s day. It’s time we who are educated, engage with homeless children and support their education. It is our responsibility to ensure a bright and promising future for our next generation. Let’s join hands for a brighter future.



At the very onset, let us introduce Ruprani Foundation as a Registered Society and one of leading NGOs in INDIA area engaged in various Social and Community Development programs aimed for the benefit and welfare of marginalized and weaker sections of our society.

Bank Name :- Indian Bank                                                                                                          Bank Name        :-     State Bank Of India 
Bank A/C No :- 50310553575                                                                                                       Bank A/C No      :-      38845463229                                                                                        
Bank IFSC Code :- IDIB000C637                                                                                                  Bank IFSC Code :-      SBIN0002409
Bank address :- Collectorate Office Gonda (U.P)                                                                  Bank address    :-      Kutchery Road  Gonda (U.P)   

Donate through Cheque

·         Cheques can be made in favour of "RUPRANI FOUNDATION "

·         Please send the same at 595, Civil Line, GONDA 271001, Mobile 7379990090.