Raised: ₹3,305

Goal: ₹11,000

As the crisis around the COVID-19 pandemic grows and the sudden lockdown of 21 days, the livelihoods of a large no. of informal labors have been shaken up. We have initiated the ‘help the helping hands ‘project to provide food support to such families and help them have a reliable supply of meals in the absence of employment opportunities.

How are your donations being used?

 Each meal kit (for a family of 5) contains a combination of wheat flour, rice and two types of pulses and three soaps .The raw food material can be used to cook meals for the family for a week. kit cost-550/-

All donations are being used to procure and distribute meal kits to families of informal and daily wage earners in Badagaw,Immambada,Ranipurwa, Alawal dewaria,Garibi purwa,Mouhariya ,Nihal purwa, ghosiyana.

We as a ngo on ground to help ensure responsible distribution of these kit while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

This is 100% not for profit campaign, and we will disclose the use of proceeds in a financial transparency report sent to all contributors to the campaign.

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